Select a service to schedule an appointment.

  • Consult
    One hour consult, conducted in my office.  Please schedule on Monday/Wednesdays if possible.  
  • Initial prenatal $350
    60 min initial visit, conducted in my office.  Please have paperwork completed and have filled in the medical history in your electronic charts.
  • Prenatal
    Regular prenatal appointment for one hour for established clients
  • 36 week home visit
    36 week home visit for established clients, for one hour, conducted in your home
  • 24-36 hour postpartum
    One hour postpartum visit, conducted in the client's home to check on mother/baby
  • 8 day postpartum
    Postpartum visit conducted in your home to check on mother/baby health, breastfeeding troubleshooting.
  • Weight check
    Weight check for breastfeeding issues/troubleshooting.  Typically conducted in my office
  • 6 week postpartum
    Final postpartum in my office, weight check/growth chart, anemia check, family planning
  • Well Woman Care-PAP $150
  • Raindrop Technique $50
    Technique using Young Living essential oils to assist body systems support.  Performed in my office.  I provide the oils.