Select a service to schedule an appointment.

  • Consult
    One hour consult, conducted in my office.  Please schedule on Tuesday if you live in the Lawrenceville office area and on Wednesday if you live closer to the Marietta office.
  • Initial prenatal $350
    60 min initial visit, conducted in my office.  Please have paperwork completed and have filled in the medical history in your electronic charts. Tuesday/Wednesday
  • Initial+Labs $550
    Initial visit plus venipuncture for labwork
  • Prenatal
    Regular prenatal appointment for one hour for established clients, Tuesday for Lawrenceville office and Wednesday for the Marietta office.
  • 36 week home visit
    36 week home visit for established clients, for one hour, conducted in your home.  Typically scheduled on Mondays because of shipping the GBS lab.
  • 8 day postpartum
    Postpartum visit conducted in your home to check on mother/baby health, breastfeeding troubleshooting.
  • Weight check
    Weight check for breastfeeding issues/troubleshooting.  Typically conducted in my office
  • 6 week postpartum
    Final postpartum in my office, weight check/growth chart, anemia check, family planning
  • 24-36 hour postpartum
    One hour postpartum visit, conducted in the client's home to check on mother/baby
  • Well Woman Care-PAP $150
  • Raindrop Technique $50
    Technique using Young Living essential oils to assist body systems support.  Performed in my office.  I provide the oils.
  • ITOVI Scan $25
    This metabolic scan will help you to understand what Young Living products may be needed currently to help support body systems.